General Terms & Conditions

for master classes organized by Kirill Troussov

1. General Description of Service

Professor Kirill Troussov, supported by his team, (in the following referred to as "Troussov") gives violin master classes, including indiviual coaching and lessons or a similar type of teaching to international participants (in the following referred to as "students"). These lessons may be private or public, including instant or later broadcasting or publishing on the Internet or in other media. Some master classes include mandatory accommodation at the location of the master class. Any description of a master class, on an official application page on the Internet or in an official application document, deviating from these general terms & conditions, overrules the following provisions.

For further details see sections 4 and 5 below.

2. Application & Payment

2.1. Application & Confirmation

Unless an explicit exception is made, students must apply for a master class via the official online application. Applications by e-mail or other forms of communication are not accepted. An application does not guarantee participation. Troussov will select the final participants of the master class and will inform them accordingly. Incorrect or missing data in the application form may lead to rejection. Troussov reserves the right to reject applications without explanation.

2.2. Payment

After Troussov has granted access to the master class the full participation fee must be paid by the student within 14 days and no later than 30 days prior to the master class, whichever deadline comes first. Should Troussov's confirmation of participation occur too late to meet the 30-days deadline the student must pay within 7 days or before the master class begins, whichever deadline comes first.

Should accommodation and/or board be a mandatory part for a master class the payment deadlines also apply to these services.

Payments must be made by PayPal, credit card or bank transfer. The student will receive all necessary details by e-mail.

3. Cancellation

3.1. Cancellation by Student

Cancellations will only be granted under very special circumstances and only until 30 days prior to the master class. After this period the student must pay the master class and all associated services in full. Failing to do so may lead to an indefinite exclusion from all future Troussov master classes.

Nevertheless, in case of a cancellation, Troussov will make best efforts to find a replacement student. Should Troussov succeed a cancellation fee of 20% of the overall costs may still be charged.

3.2. Force Majeure

Unforeseen circumstances beyond Troussov's control may force Troussov to cancel a complete master class, individual lessons or other parts of the overall service. In such a case, apart from a partial or total refund, the student cannot claim any further compensation.

Any necessary location change within a radius of 100 km or any time change within one week is no valid reason for a cancellation by the student.

4. Master Classes

4.1. Teacher

Unless stated otherwise, all master classes will be given personally by Professor Kirill Troussov.

4.2. Lessons

Unless stated otherwise, all lessons are 45 minutes long and will be given to the students individually. The number of lessons per master class are selected by the student during the application process. This number cannot be changed after submitting the application, because it is a vital part of the overall master class planning.

Lesson times will be announced before and/or during the master class. They can be subject to change any time. Students who fail to attend their lesson(s) cannot claim any financial reimbursement or other form of compensation.

5. Accommodation & Board

5.1. Concept

Some master classes take place at special locations, such as châteaus, monasteries or abbeys. These master classes follow an overall concept of all participants working and living together and, thus, do not allow free choice of accommodation.

The requirement to book certain rooms is announced on the application pages of such master classes, along with the price range for these rooms. With his/her application the student agrees to book one of the listed rooms, during the payment process.

5.2. Board

If our accommodation includes catering this normally covers three omnivorous and vegetarian meals per day. Should a student with alternative eating habbits or food allergies opt out of this service he/she will be solely responsible for his/her food & beverages during the entire master class.

6. Publishing Rights

6.1. Recording & Publishing

With his/her application the student grants Troussov the right to record impressions of the master classes for educational or advertising purposes, including — but not limited to — photos, videos and/or audio recordings, including recordings that depict the student or his/her performance.

The student also grants Troussov the indefinite right to publish and distribute such recordings in all existing or future media, including — but not limited to — YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, websites of Troussov and partners, Television, ads, magazines and/or newspapers. These publications may contain the original recordings, excerpts or modifications, and the recordings may be combined with recordings of other students or with other works.

6.2. Royalties

Troussov may record and publish master classes, as described in 6.1., free of charge. The student will receive no royalties or other form of compensation.

6.3. Rights of the Student

Troussov grants the student the right to take photos during the master classes and to publish these photos on his/her social media channels or personal website. The student may not publish photos elsewhere or record/publish video or audio without written approval by Troussov.

6.4. Common Interest

Both the student and Troussov agree that any published material shall show the depicted persons and/or their performance in a manner that does not harm the reputation or career of the depicted persons or of any associated persons, companies, schools, institutes or similar entities.

7. Severability Clause

Troussov will observe all legal obligations that may result from German, European or international law. In case any provision of this agreement shall be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions shall not in any way be affected or impaired thereby.