“The audience was spellbound”


Press Reviews

(abridged versions for the Internet)

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Harald Budweg

A magnificent concert in Frankfurt (Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra/Urbanski/Bartok)
"Kirill Troussov, a violinist of world class calibre. He mastered the often precipitous mood swings of Bartok's Violin Concerto No.1 and suprised with the Caprice No. 24 by Niccolo Paganini as an encore. Upon leaving the Concert Hall, one was left with the feeling of having witnessed a magnificent concert."

MidiLibre.com, Michèle Fizane

Festival Radio France Montpellier (L'Orchestre National de Montpellier/Lawrence Foster/Stephan)
"Troussov replaced Augustin Dumay brilliantly in performing Music for Violin and Orchestra by Rudi Stephan."

Süddeutsche Zeitung (Germany), Harald Eggebrecht

Troussov at Philharmonie Munich Gasteig
"Kirill Troussov, one of the most gifted violinists of his generation. Right from the beginning he played with an explosive and powerful intensity. Standing ovations, encores by Paganini and Bazzini."

Main Post, Frank Kupke

Festival 'Kissinger Winterzauber'
"The violinist Kirill Troussov was met with thunderous applause for the final concert of the festival 'Kissinger Winterzauber'. The master violinist played the Shostakovich violin concerto from its brooding beginning to its folkloristic finale with incredible suspense and moving empathy."

Radikal (Istanbul), Serhan Bali

International Istanbul Music Festival
"Troussov, is an outstanding talent – the Maxim Vengerov of the future. His unique performance during the concert, the dignity of his playing, the ability to express always the exact degree of emotions makes him a complete violinist—not to forget the perfect technique of his left hand. That night of music will be kept in memory as one of the most impressive nights of the festival."

Westfälische Nachrichten, Arndt Zinkant

As played by Kirill Troussov, the 'Brodsky' enchanted Bartók
"Troussov thrilled the audience with his performance of the Bartok Violin Concerto last night, same as he did a year ago, when he replaced Gidon Kremer in Paris. The performance of the violinist was magnificent. Bartok’s violin concerto No. 1 was played with so much emotion. Finally, and with superb virtuosity he played Paganini as en encore."

Badische Zeitung, Bianca Flier

Highlights of Mozart
"The audience enjoyed a concert of an international renowned violinist Kirill Troussov who performed a magnificent Mozart Violin Concerto No.5. It is rare to hear this concerto so masterly played as that night in Freiburg by Mr.Troussov."

ResMusica.com, Victoria Okada

Beetwen Melody and Rhythm
"Paris, Auditorium du Louvre – Kirill Troussov and Alexandra Troussova gave a recital with a Russian program of the 20th century. This outstanding performance lead us into a fantasy garden of that time. The famous sonata by Prokofiev was performed with great dynamic power and a remarkable rhythmical precision. In Tchaikovsky's 'Meditation' and 'Valse–Scherzo' they showed a wonderful contrast between the dramatic melody and amazing virtuosity. At every moment brother and sister breathe the same musical air."

Klassik-heute.com, Peter Cossé

"Kirill Troussov showed his great versatility and technical brilliance by performing Brahms, Prokofiev and Ravels's 'Tzigane'."

Westdeutsche Zeitung

The virtuoso Kirill Troussov
"The performance of Ludwig van Beethoven's violin concerto was the absolute highlight of the concert. Kirill Troussov, who triumphed in Paris the evening before with the Orchestre de Paris and Tchaikovsky’s violin concert, also aroused his audience’s to a standing ovation this evening."

Kölnische Rundschau

A true master virtuoso
"Kirill and Alexandra Troussov thrilled their audience during the concert yesterday. They have already played before they were even able to read or write. Kirill Troussov showed his talent as a true master virtuoso. The evening's highlight was the famous Sonata by César Franck."

Anaclase.com, (ONF/Gatti/Bartok) Bertrand Bolognesi

Suppleness and great elegance
"The young Russian violinist Kirill Troussov replaces Gidon Kremer in a concert in Paris Theatre de Champs Elyses. Troussov sets free the melody of the andante sostenuto with an energy that never seems to take breath, a masterly distributed energy, which presents the movement with an astonishing tenderness. He concedes the allegro giocoso a certain amount of viciousness with an expressive variety, full of purity and restraint. In addition to the endurance and fluidity the artist’s assets include qualities of impressive elegance. Rudi Stephan left us some very promising works, among them 'Musik für Geige und Orchester', written in 1911. Kirill Troussov chooses a wider, you could even say more intensive richness of tone than he used for the preceding composition. With a crystalline clearness he also evokes another mood, which is characteristic of Stephan's composition, namely an absolutely black melancholy."

Concertclassic.com (ONF/Gatti/Bartok/Stephan) Michel Le Naour

Master violinist Kirill Troussov
"The young Russian violinist Kirill Troussov replaced Gidon Kremer. He showed an elegance of style and talented performance throughout the two movements, played with constant accuracy and a modesty that Bartok would undoubtedly have appreciated. The soloist exhibits the same phrasing qualities and musicality, without ever 'showing off' in this work of contrasting dense sound moments and finely perceptible timbers."

Parisbroadway.co (ONF/Gatti/Bartok)

Enchanted by Troussov's violin
"Two marvellous performances by the young violinist Kirill Troussov, who replaced Gidon Kremer in Paris, had an enormous success. He knows how to weave long, beautiful and very expressive phrases. The audience was spellbound. And what a pleasure to listen to Rudi Stephan's composition which is very rarely performed in a concert hall!"

Bieler Tagblatt

The Verbier Festival
"Kirill Troussov und his sister, the pianist Alexandra Troussova, gave an outstanding recital with works by Franck, Ysaie, Beethoven and Mozart."

Press of Kirill Troussov's album with Alexandra Troussova
(works by Wieniawski, Beethoven, Brahms, Rimsky-Korsakov), EMI 5732-2

"Gifted with a marvellously balanced and coloured tone, he knows how to take risks without relying on the qualities of his Stradivarius. Certain imaginative phrases recall the young Menuhin. But in the present case, it’s the fine complicity that unites him with his sister, the pianist Alexandra Troussova, which provokes the emotion. Impossible not to dream of the duo formed by Yehudi and Hephzibah Menuhin. The two musicians speak with the same breath, sing hand in hand and remain aware of each other’s slightest inflection. There should be no doubt that the editor will launch this young violinist right up there with the greatest, his legitimate place, with first class conductors and orchestras."
(Le Monde de la Musique)

"The eminently cultivated and very expressive interplay with his sister, Alexandra Trussova, makes their album one of the highest quality. They are a team which are perfectly used to one another. In every respect it could not be more perfect."  
(Klassik Heute)

"The young Kirill Troussov seems already to be able to match his illustrious elders [Vengerov, Repin] in as much as his playing combines élan, technical mastery, beauty of tone and expressive maturity. What seduces more than all else is the freshness of his inspiration."

"Brother and sister play Beethoven's 7th sonata as equals, as true chamber music partners, with the same respect that one brings to all the voices of a long-formed string quartet, with a musical communion that I have perhaps never heard on record since Ferras and Barbizet. Everything sounds right, without any cheap effect, with the greatest attention paid to the slightest of accents. The young violinist possesses, apart from security, a dense and precise tone. This is not just a great violinist that we discover on this CD, but also a great musician and two magnificent chamber artists."