General Terms & Conditions

for using the online booking system of Troussov Online Lessons ( and for booking, paying and taking lessons with Professor Kirill Troussov

1. General Description of Service

Professor Kirill Troussov, supported by his team, (in the following referred to as "Troussov") gives online violin lessons via Skype or comparable online services (in the following referred to as "Skype"). These lessons are for only one student at a time, each normally lasting 45 minutes.

Lessons available for booking are displayed on a website only visible to registered students (the "booking system"). In this booking system students can book and pay lessons, which will then take place on Skype.

2. Booking & Paying Lessons

2.1. Registration

Only registered students may enter or use the booking system. During the registration the student must provide correct personal information, so that he/she can be contacted by Troussov and so that services can be provided in an appropriate quality and manner.

Registration does not automatically grant access to the booking system. Only after a registration has been reviewed and confirmed by Troussov the student will be able to log in with his/her chosen credentials. Troussov reserves the right to reject registration without explanation.

2.2. General Usage

Students may only use the booking system for its intended purpose, and they may not share their credentials or their access with others. Any abuse of the booking system may lead to the responsible student's account being deleted and/or the student being banned (temporarily or indefinitely).

2.3. Booking Lessons

Troussov will regularly post online lessons available for booking. Each online lesson lasts approx. 45 minutes. These lessons can be booked by the students on a "first come first served" basis. Students have no general right to receive lessons. If all lessons are booked students must wait for new lessons to become available.

To give as many students as possible the chance to take lessons each student may only book a maximum of one lesson (45 minutes) per week. If a student books more lessons than this Troussov has the right to cancel additional lessons. If these lessons have already been paid the student will receive a credit for the booking of further lessons. This credit is non-refundable.

2.4. Prices

Students are charged on a per-lesson basis. The price per lessons is not publicly available. It is displayed with each lesson, in the booking system, to registered students only. Troussov reserves the right to change the price per lesson, without prior notice, or to offer individual prices to individual students.

2.5. Payment

Lessons must be paid 48 hours in advance. Troussov utilizes PayPal as online payment provider and offers no other payment option. The student must either have a PayPal account, a common credit card or a payment option offered by PayPal in his/her country. Booked lessons can be paid individually or in groups, as long as all payments meet the 48-hour deadline for the upcoming lesson(s).

If a student fails to pay 48 hours prior to a lesson Troussov reserves the right to shut down the student's account temporarily or delete the student's account permanently or to take legal action. Booked lessons must be paid in any case, whether the student participates or not. Only under very special circumstances Troussov will make exceptions.

2.6. Cancellation

Please book with respect to other students and only book lessons you are really willing and able to take. As a simple rule: Check your calendar before you book, and make sure you have entered your correct time-zone, so that local lesson times will be displayed correctly.

Cancellations of lessons must occur at least 14 days in advance or — in case of a mistake — within 3 hours after booking. Later cancellations will only be granted under very special circumstances. Students who cancel bookings too often may be banned from the booking system.

3. Taking Lessons

3.1. Technology

The student must use technology, appropriate for online violin lessons:

Troussov cannot be held responsible for any lessons that cannot take place on time or in a good quality, due to insufficient equipment of the student. A lesson that can only partially or not at all take place for such reasons must still be paid by the student. Troussov reserves the right to exclude a student from further bookings until appropriate equipment is available.

3.2. Time

Troussov teaches students around the globe, with a rather tight schedule. In order for this to work students must attend their lessons on time. If a student attends a lesson too late the lesson will not be extended but it will end at the scheduled time.

The booking system will provide students with the correct local date and time of their lessons, based on the time-zone entered in the account data. Students must enter the correct time-zone into the booking system and must keep this information up-to-date, e.g. when they are travelling to another time-zone. If a student misses a lesson due to wrong time-zone settings (or any other reason) the missed lesson must still be paid. This payment is non-refundable.

4. Miscellaneous

4.1. Copyright

The booking system was specifically developed, designed and programmed for Troussov. It is protected by international copyright laws and — in parts — by software patents, held by our technology partners. Any reverse engineering or attempt to copy or to re-use the booking system or parts of it elsewhere will result in immediate legal action.

4.2. Severability Clause

In case any provision of this agreement shall be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions shall not in any way be affected or impaired thereby.