Privacy Policy

This English page is for your personal information only and focuses on the services provided as part of Troussov Online Lessons. In case of doubt the full-length German privacy policy of the website is the legally relevant version.

In Short

To protect your privacy, all your personal data are stored and handled according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union. Your personal data are only used to provide the service of online lessons or to provide you with relevant information. You can see which data are stored, any time, in your account settings (personal details) and on the lessons page (your booked lessons). No further personal data are stored.

To optimize this member website and our services for you we use Google Analytics. For the payment of your lessons we use PayPal. You credit card details or other payment information is only visible to PayPal, not to us. Feel free to contact us any time. We will be glad to help.


Responsible for complying with the GDPR is:

Kirill Troussov, Dünenweg 15, 23923 Herrnburg, Germany
Phone: +49 151 2372 3115 (Isabella Gold, assistant to Mr. Troussov)

Under these contact details you may

In certain cases other laws than the GDPR may prevent us from deleting your personal information or require us to use your data in a certain way even if you cancel your account, e.g. if you have already booked lessons we must keep your personal data for the tax authorities, for a certain period.

If you feel we do not comply with the GDPR you may file a complaint to a supervisory authority, any time. Which authority to address depends on where you live. You will find a list of all German supervisory authorities on this page:


We store only personal data that are required to offer the service of online lessons or that allow us to offer better services for you or that are required by law. We do this only with your consent, which you have given by registering an account with Troussov Online Lessons. You may revoke this permission any time.

We do not share your personal data with third parties, and we do not sell your data to advertisers or anybody else. Only members of our team have access to your personal data if this access is required for these members to do their job. This includes — but is not limited to — personal assistants, teachers, accountants, tax consultants and programmers of the booking system.


As most other websites, our webiste uses so-called "cookies". Cookies are small text files stored on your computer by your Internet browser. They contain credentials required for login areas, such as this booking system, or information that helps us to provide a better experience for you. Cookies cannot be used to infect your computer with a virus, spy on you or steal data from your computer. They are simply little helpers making life easier for all of us.

We do not use any form of tracking cookies for advertising of marketing purposes or other unnecesary forms of cookies.

SSL Encryption

To protect the privacy of your personal data all information sent to or from your Internet browser is encrypted, e.g. personal information shown on your screen, displayed by the booking system, or all form entries sent by you to the booking system or PayPal. Usually a lock symbol in the address bar of your browser confirms that your connection is secure and that your personal data cannot be intercepted by third parties. This is also the case in public networks or on mobile phones.


For the payment of lessons we use the online payment provider PayPal, where you can pay from your PayPal account, by credit card or by other means, depending on the country you live in. As a bank, PayPal complies with strict international regulations and takes the highest security measures. In brief: Your payment information is safe with them, as with any other bank. Although the payment functions of PayPal seem to be partly integrated into our website we cannot see any information you enter in the PayPal form.

Google Analytics

We are using Google Analytics to track actions within the booking system. This helps us to find possible errors or problems and to optimize the booking system for you. Google complies with the European GDPR and the usage of Analytics is covered by the GDPR as long as we don't send your user ID or IP address to Google. Google Analytics requires the use of cookies to work.

If you don't even want anonymized data being sent to Google Analytics you can download and install this browser plugin: To stop our website from sending anonymized data to Google Analytics simply click on this link: Google Analytics Opt-Out.

Policy Updates

Current laws and regulations may change, in the future, and so may our services. Thus we may alter our privacy policy and update the information on this page, any time, without prior notice. This policy is only valid for your current visit. Make sure to check it out again, next time.